Polaris can provides safety ride at night.

Our Polaris is for your safe night drive with smart mobility such as electric wheels and bicycles. As the Pole star is a guiding star for travelers, Polaris displays the navigation information and speed of the smart mobility on a road with high-quality laser.Polaris leads the rider’s attention to the rider’s front to widen the rider’s vision and secures the rider’s safety.

Hexagon-shaped aluminum body is chic.

Detachable mount is convenient. Polaris supports every smart mobility including a bicycle.

Polaris is to project a variety of information on the ground.

Polaris is for bicycle and various smart mobility.

Segway, Nine bot, electric wheel, and electric kick board

Polaris is suitable for an electric wheel, a popular smart mobility recently.

The electric wheel is difficult for mounting a navigation equipment providing riding information.

Polaris can be mounted on such electric wheel and provide riding information and navigation information.

In this way, Polaris helps a rider control speeds.

Laser Projection

50mW high energy green laser projects navigation information on a road.

A driver does not have to look smartphone or handle bar but front for identifying driving information. This maximizes driver’s safety.

Safety and Sleep

A digital 3-axes accelerometer turns off the power of Polaris if the angle between projection and road exceeds a certain limit. This feature prevents light pollution and saves battery power. The angle limit can be customized in Option.

Polaris is turned off if riding is halt for a certain period of time and saves the battery power (The period can be set in Option)

Battery Duration

 Polaris uses high energy laser but lithium polymer battery (2000mAh) so that it guarantees the usage time more than 6 hours.


 Polaris guarantees IP65 which is suitable water proof and vibration proof for outdoor.

Polaris connects to a smartphone application with Bluetooth and shares riding information and navigation information.

Polaris projects information such as the current speed, time, altitude, max speed at a look.

Polaris Provides navigation specialized in a bicycle and a personal electric vehicle rather than a car


Polaris enables you to manage your riding records in one site. You can identify the average speed, the max speed, the riding time, the riding distance, and the riding path at once.

Polaris provides a site for riders to share their riding paths with others and recommend optimal paths.

You can synchronize Polaris with a smart phone application and change settins through the application.

You can control units, the brightness of the laser, and safet&sleep mode in the application.

Polaris application will support iOS and Android.

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